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The Book Whisperer Enjoys a Laugh Out Loud Novel


Readers seeking a wild ride with four “meddling Asian aunties” and one daughter/niece who has to deal with them will find Dial A for Aunties to be just the ticket. Jesse Q. Sutanto has created memorable characters in Meddelin Chan, a young woman with a college education who is helping her mom and aunties in their complete wedding business: hair and makeup, clothes, music, food, and photography. Meddelin is the photographer.

Meddelin fears she has lost her chance at true love when her college boyfriend tells her he has received a job offer to move from San Francisco to NY for a dream job after graduation. Meddelin feels she cannot tell her mom and aunties that she will leave them to follow Nathan, the love of her life. As a result, she breaks up with Nathan, leaving him completely in the dark about why she refuses to go with him.

The aunties and Meddelin are putting on the biggest wedding of their careers for some very wealthy clients. What could possibly go wrong? What if Meddelin’s mom has set her up with a date by pretending to be Meddelin on a dating site? How about an accidentally dead date in a food cooler? What if a pile of gifts worth at least a million dollars goes missing shortly before the wedding? Of course, this many troubles could not happen to one small group, or could they?

Read Dial A For Aunties to discover the truth and see if Meddelin can find true love. The story will keep you guessing and laughing.

Jesse Q. Sutanto grew up in both Jakarta and Singapore. She earned a master’s in creative writing at the University of Oxford. Sutanto has written books for young adults as well as adults. Dial A for Aunties will soon be a movie on Netflix. Four Aunties and a Wedding, the sequel to Dial A for Aunties, was published in March 2022.