I am an avid reader and also enjoy Indie and foreign movies. I retired from teaching English at Tulsa Community College after teaching as an adjunct first and then twenty-four years as a full-time faculty member. I was also involved in faculty development, planning and facilitating workshops for colleagues. I like technology and using technology to enhance learning. As an adjunct, I started a book club on campus, and it is still going strong thirty-one years later! I also belong to two other book clubs.I’ve included a picture from a Chautauqua Tea at TCC, complete with hat and brooch! I enjoy collecting vintage rhinestone brooches.



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    • Hi Dorothy, I’m really enjoying your reviews as the Book Whisperer. They’re perceptive and well written.
      If you’d like to review a memoir, here’s the link to “Step Lively: New York City Tales of Love and Change.”

      If it sparks your interest, I look forward to hearing from you at my email: sherrimoshman@gmail.com.
      Thank you!!

  1. Dorothy, Shelby shared your blog with me. Your comments on his book were beautiful! I also am an English major who just KNEW I would ultimately be an English teacher. After a brief time of that, I realized it would not be my career! I am very glad I ended up where I am. You are in my prayers for comfort and peace. I have a hug for you any time you need one.

    • Suzanne, how kind you are! I am so appreciative of you and Shelby and Becky. One of my best friends in college got her degree in English thinking she would teach. She did not like teaching from day one, so she got the degree, but never taught! Instead, she used that degree in other jobs!

  2. After reading your comment on my blog, I decided to check out yours. As an avid reader myself, I am always looking for good recommendations. So I’ve decided to follow your blog!

      • Thanks! Mine is mostly genealogy, so it may not be your cup of tea, but I hope you like it!

      • Since you write about genealogy, you may enjoy my story. I had my DNA analyzed through Ancestry. A woman who is a high match contacted me looking for info on her birth mother. I realized her mother was my first cousin. Since late Nov, we have been corresponding. She has already met one of her aunts and soon she will meet the other aunt (her mother is deceased and had no other children) and a whole group of cousins. We are all very excited about our newly-found relative.

      • How wonderful for her that you and your family were so warm and welcoming. All too often these people are shunned by relatives embarrassed to learn that there was a baby born and given up for adoption. And how wonderful for all of you!

  3. Her birth father is still living; he has talked with her on the phone twice, but he refuses to believe she is his daughter despite the DNA. I told her that’s his loss. We are happy to tell her about the family and to make her welcome.

  4. Hi Dorothy, just wondered if you were up to review an urban fantasy that just popped. It’s called The Beast of Wheeler Ridge, and it might have some literary quality to it that you might like. You can send me an email at stevenson_333@msn.com and I can reply to it with the pitch.That’s if you are okay and in the mood, of course. Other than that, Blessed wishes and please stay safe and healthy through these trying times. Chris–red shifting outta here…..

  5. Hello Dorothy. I have finished reading Her Quiet Revolution by Marianne Monson. I had never heard about Martha (Mattie) Hughes Monson but enjoy reading historical novels. This one did not disappoint. From the very beginning my interest was piqued by Mattie’s relationship with her mother. As she went of to Michigan her encounters with the mail dominated field of medicine and her background in the LDS community became my focus. The author’s research, and in some cases from original documentation, was informative. As is Ms. Monson’s Chapter Notes. Books inviting me to research on my own are just one of the many reasons I read. Definitely a GOODREAD. Would you please post this on your blog.

  6. Hit post too soon. Should be Martha Hughes Cannon, she went OFF to Michingan, had encounters with the MALE dominated field…..it’s a rainy, cloudy day and my head is foggy. I need a proofreader!

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