The Book Whisperer Reads a Thriller


Admittedly, belonging to a book club pushes me to read books I might not otherwise read. Such is the case with The Guest List by Lucy Foley. To be honest, I tried listening to the audiobook and gave up. Then I read the book itself and finished it. It is a mystery, but I will be careful to offer no spoilers here. Jules Keegan, owner of Download, a famous, highly popular online magazine, and Will Slater, handsome adventurer, and star of TV’s Survive the Night, have chosen to be married on a remote Irish island.

The two appear to be the golden couple: madly in love, each successful, wealthy, beautiful, and handsome. As people gather for the wedding, the island itself becomes a character because it has not always been the place for happy events. The unpredictable weather also plays its part in the story.

Will’s groomsmen all came from the fancy boys’ school they all attended. Will’s family was not wealthy, but he attended because his father was headmaster. Johnno, Will’s best man, attended on an athletic scholarship. The men’s shared memories from their school days are important and play a decided part in the current story.

I should warn readers that the chapter headings are particularly important for two reasons. First, the story is not told in chronological order. It moves about, and readers will discover when the chapter takes place by reading the chapter heading. Second, the story is told through various characters’ eyes, so their names appear on the chapter heading when they are telling the story. Pay close attention.

What happens when a group of friends and family gather to celebrate the perfect wedding for the perfect couple? This is no spoiler: there will be a murder. The questions are who will be murdered, who will the murderer be, and why. I have a willing suspension of disbelief. I do think that is necessary for reading The Guest List. For people from various places, ostensibly unconnected to one another, to come together, each with a motive for murder and murder of one person, readers must be willing to suspend disbelief.

For a rollicking good read, The Guest List will fit the bill.  


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