The Book Whisperer Suggests a Page-Turner


Being in a book club does stretch readers, one of the reasons for being in book clubs. Other reasons exist as well: spending time with reading friends, learning about others’ perspectives, and sharing ideas. Recently, I read my first book by Lisa Scottoline, What Happened to the Bennetts. The member of the book club who chose the book has read other of Scottoline’s books. She says this one is much different from other works. I enjoyed the book because it is a page-turner.

What happens when an innocent family experiences an attempted carjacking that ends in their daughter’s death? When the police arrive, the action continues at break-neck speed. Immediately, the FBI becomes involved telling Jason Bennett, his wife Lucinda, and their surviving son Ethan that they must go into the witness protection program immediately.

The family has no time to tell anyone else about what has happened. They grab some clothes and a few precious items to take with them. They are whisked away to a secluded location. They are not allowed to go on the Internet or to leave the secluded property. Everything they need is provided and they have twenty-four-hour protection.

Still, secrets begin to seep out, causing a great deal of upheaval. While I have a willing suspension of disbelief, the story does beg one to question some of the events. However, that did not take away from my enjoyment of the story. I could visualize the action on the movie screen quite easily. Without giving anything away, I can say that What Happened to the Bennetts will take readers on a lively ride.


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