The Book Whisperer is Back With a Sequel


After listening to The Doughnut Fix by Jessie Janowitz for my book club, I discovered the sequel, The Doughnut King, was also available on RBdigital, so I checked it out. I was eager to discover how Tris and Josh, his best friend in Petersville, NY, would handle the success of their doughnut business.

The same cast of characters show up in the beginning: Tris’s parents, Tris’s brainy sister Jeanine and baby sister Zoe along with grouchy Winnie, who gave Tris the doughnut recipe in the beginning. The doughnut business is successful; the problem is Tris cannot keep up with demand. The only negative comments on the doughnut business website are posted by people who arrive too late and find the doughnuts are sold out.

Tris and Josh would like to expand their business, but how? Tris discovers they could buy a doughnut machine which would churn out hundreds of doughnuts quickly, but the machines cost $50,000. That money is simply not available to two twelve-year-olds.

Tris has read Business for Dummies, so he considers asking for investors to help the company buy the machine. The other problem he and Josh hope to solve is that Petersville, like many small towns, is drying up. More people are moving away than moving into the town. Tris would like to be able to sell more doughnuts, bringing people into the town along with other businesses.

Tris discovers an immigrant has built a large, prosperous tea business in another small NY town, thus saving the town. Tris writes a very reasoned email asking the man to help fund the doughnut machine, but he receives a negative response from the man’s assistant.

Then Jeanine, Tris’s brainy sister, sends a video of Tris making doughnuts and selling them in his business to Can You Cut It, a TV cooking competition for kids. Tris is angry at Jeanine, but he reluctantly agrees to go for the interview because he does not think he has a chance to get on the show.

At this point, the story becomes much more complicated than the plot in The Doughnut Fix. However, those complications only add to the readers’ enjoyment of the story because of the unexpected turns that will surprise the readers.

By now, Tris is fully involved in life in Petersville and hopes to help save the town by winning on Can You Cut It? because the prize is $100,000. Chef JJ, the host of the show is mean, especially to Tris. Readers will be interested in discovering why.

Read both The Doughnut Fix and The Doughnut King to learn the full story of Tris and his doughnuts. You will be glad.

Jessie Janowitz explains on her website that she writes stories for kids “because those are the ones I’ve always loved best.” Janowitz majored in comparative literature at Princeton and followed up by going to law school. Discover more at this link:

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